Shyam Kalle

Pune, Maharashtra

Life Coaching, Career and Performance Coaching

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Shyam is a certified Career Transition and Performance Coach, accredited to ICF. He is also an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner, and a DMIT Expert & Counselor (Multiple Intelligence Analysis).

With around 27 years of Corporate Experience in IT, Shyam has worked extensively in premier IT companies at senior management positions.

Shyam coaches several individuals, and his clientele include people from Business, and Junior Executives to Senior Management from different companies. He also conducts seminars & workshops on self-transformation for success and excellence, and ICTA certified NLP practitioner training programs.

His mission is to reach out to maximum people and make a difference in their lives; to help them maximize their potential, and provide them with the skills required to take their life to the next level.

Key Strength : Easily connect with people, commitment and fierce passion for coaching and NLP, ability to adapt to changing situations easily, process oriented, and particular about time commitment.