Achieving & Sustaining Wellness – 3 : Your Soul

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In the first two blogs of this series of three, the key aspects relating to our body and mind in relation to our wellness were discussed. We now come to the third and often the least understood / realized and hence most underestimated aspect of our wellness, which is the spiritual wellness.

Why spiritual wellness?

It is my personal belief that these three aspects of wellness have their individual significance but of a varying degree. It begins with the bodily wellness, the importance of which is limited to the physical aspects only, but the mental wellness impacts not just our mind but indirectly our body also. And, the spiritual wellness is overarching, which impacts all the three aspects of wellness. It is therefore critical to understand what spiritual wellness is and how it impacts our all round wellness.

What is spiritual wellness?

Spiritualism involves our beliefs, mainly starting from the belief in a higher self or energy, whether we call it Wahe Guru, Jesus, Allah or Bhagwan or by any other name, and then our belief system & the values that we have, which normally flow from that faith or belief about / in the higher self. Values are basically the principles we have and the standards of behavior that we set for ourselves.

Therefore, our spiritual wellness is all about the synchronization between our beliefs & values and our day-to-day decisions & actions that we take in all aspects of life. If there is convergence in the two, we will be able to maintain a high level of spiritual wellness, otherwise not.

One way to evaluate our own spiritual wellness is by asking ourselves these questions:

  • Do I create / find time for relaxation every day?
  • Do I create / find time for meditation or prayer?
  • Are my decisions and actions driven by my values?
  • Am I considerate to not just other humans but other beings?

Any question not answered in the affirmative indicates the area wherein you need to improve the state of your spiritual wellness.

One more important aspect to be recognized and understood well is that meditation, without some kind of recognition and connection with the superior self is only going to deliver partial results. Meditation done without that connection, also no doubt, provides some peace to your mind (therefore relaxation) but once that connection is established it takes the peace to simply another level and its durability. It also gets one to a stage where one starts to find the meaning of human life, which is the ultimate realization that gets us closer to accomplishment of true and all round wellness.

I hope this series of three blogs has put across clearly the understanding of the three dimensions of our wellness and their significance.

In case there are any questions surrounding these aspects you can contact me on Stay happy and be well. Hope to interact with you during the upcoming webinar on wellness!!!


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