Achieving & Sustaining Wellness – 2 : Your Mind

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In the first blog of this series of three, information on the bodily aspects of your wellness were discussed. We now come to the second and equally important aspect of our mental wellness, relating to all about our mind.

Why mental wellness?

This is how I personally look at the importance of our mental wellness – “A healthy body, with an un-well mind is like a modern day car with an electronic malfunction”. That is because if we are physically in a sound state but are stressed, the bodily well being will also get affected by it sooner or later. There is enough medical research which proves it beyond doubt that persons living with stress face destabilization of critical medical parameters in the body, like cholesterol levels, etc.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, it is unrealistic to expect that there will not be any stressful situations to be faced in our daily lives. But, it ultimately is our choice, as to how we deal with those stressful situations. Do we allow those situations to get the better of us, or even overwhelm us completely, or do we stay focused and keep taking the required actions, and at the same time keep our mind away from allowing it to get stressed.

We should also remember that while the corporate world is entirely driven by the results one is able to deliver, that is also one of the major root causes of stress. This is no attempt to advance an impractical advice that we should not adopt that approach. It is absolutely important to aim for the results, but the focus should be on the desirable actions we take to achieve those results. As long as we have that clarity in mind, there is significantly less likelihood of getting stressed, at least not for avoidable reasons.

Nevertheless, howsoever hard we work on avoiding stress to build, it is nearly impossible to remain stress-free always. So what is the way out?

Stress management

The first important thing is to accept the reality that stress and stressful situation will be there, so it is our response to these which determines how effectively we deal with stress.

There are certain long term and yet very effective ‘measures’ one can always rely on. These are not things that one can work on all of a sudden to get relieved of stress when it is there, but these are the cushions one can build over time.

Having good relationships is very important. Invest time in relationships which is critical to our lives in many aspects. We must have people in our lives who are ready to ‘listen’ to us when we need that. The other important practice one can pursue is to engage in continuous learning which keeps your mind not just engaged and sharp but also stimulated.

Another important aspect is to engage in a profession of your liking or develop liking to the profession you are engaged with. Easier said than done? But very much possible! Work on it.

Dealing with stress when it gets to you is also equally important, and there are what we can term as the short-term measures (for immediate ‘relief’). One might try stress busters like engaging with friends and other people who are close to you, listening to music or pursuing any hobbies as a habit. One can also try breathing exercises that really work, and just simply avoid negative and destructive behaviours.

There is much more one can do, and then there are measures that can be specific to individuals. In the next blog, let us deal with the third dimension of our wellness, which is the spiritual wellness, relating to our soul.

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