Connecting with Nature

Author: Shantanu Dutta   |   Date: 31 May 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

The World Environment Day is organized every year in order to encourage worldwide awareness about environmental importance and its protection which is in turn aimed to get a healthy environment for everyone, especially for the coming generations. It is celebrated in more than 100 countries every year with a unique theme. The Theme for the year 2017 is “Connecting with Nature”. World Environment Day is celebrated to promote positive actions for the environment in order to sustain all forms of life in the long run. This year’s theme calls us to be a part of nature by joining any natural environment related activity. It invites us to find fun and exciting ways to create a vital relationship with the environment and to cherish the same. So how can we connect with nature in order to make the World Environment Day 2017 more successful?

How to Connect With Nature on This World Environment Day

You can celebrate the day  by performing both the indoor and outdoor activities and these can be:

Plan Outdoor Trip

Planning an outdoor trip like at beaches or in the valleys on the day will boost your senses as well as your enthusiasm and strengthen your connection with nature.

You can also visit the major parks in your city which are surrounded by the healthy plants, trees, and a variety of pretty flowers. Do not just walk inside the park, take long breaths and also try to touch and hug the trees carefully. This is such an awesome way to come closure to nature and realize the importance of their existence for our own.

Bring Nature Indoors

You can also decorate your home by keeping the jars of fresh flowers at the different places in your house. You can also give a space to the houseplants such as Aloe Vera, Anthurium, Peace Lily, Peperomia, Snake Plant, Christmas Cactus, English Ivy, and Basil etc.

Make Use of All Senses

You can find a peaceful green area where you can perform yoga or meditation as it connects all your senses with nature and gives a peace and relaxation to your body and mind. You can also put off your shoes and can start walking on the grass. This is such an amazing way whereby you can walk wet grass during the morning. Now, enjoy the sensation of the touch, andfeel the fresh air on your skin.


Planting in your garden or in your nearest park can be a fascinating experience that directly links up you with nature. This step will seriously encourage the development of a green and healthy environment for you and everyone.

Add Vegetables to Your Diet

Buy some organic vegetables and fruits from the vegetable market. Instead of sending your servant to buy them, go yourself and pick the variety of fruits and vegetable. Now, Eat fruits and cook vegetables at your home with without any assistance. By doing so, you can create a healthy connection with nature. Thus, build a close relationship with nature on the day. The aim of celebrating this day is to become aware of the importance of sustaining the environment for a healthier life for the present and future generations.

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