Take Care of yourself – Dealing with Burnout

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Vikram, a boy from a small town worked very hard and has established himself as one of the leading Doctors in the country in 90’s. Present day scenario, he has been arrested 15 times for dealing in drugs. So what happened to the man who has worked his way to reach the top and had helped many people from his successful surgeries?

When Vikram’s case was handed to a professional psychiatrist, he stated that Vikram was suffering from burnout syndrome which is one of the deadly diseases that disturb mental and physical health.

Not only Vikram, 10 out of 100 individuals who are working professionals like doctors, lawyers, police men, entrepreneurs etc. today suffer from burn out syndrome.

So what is Burn out?

Most consider both burnout and stress are synonyms. But in medical terminology it’s not true. Burnout is a phenomenon caused due to stress but the person is affected with hopelessness which is very dangerous and I some way be compared to death. In simple words too much stress leads to burnout.

Burnout is nothing but a disorder and the person suffering from it can be compared to a brain injured person. It makes a person vulnerable and the person no longer seems to be the same.

Inter- relation

Burnout can be detected by keeping tabs on our day to day life. Loss of appetite, sleeplessness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, frustration… there are so many symptoms to identify whether one is suffering from such extreme stress. The early stages of all these symptoms are considered as stress if proper care is not taken then it leads to burn out.

Professors from the University of Columbia say that all the symptoms concerning stress are inter-related and the different hormones causing stress act accordingly. Sleep and food are foremost factors that cause stress and there by burnout.

Loss of Appetite

Stressed individuals have less appetite and due to less intake of food our body metabolism decreases which leads to fatigue. Many people consume drinks with caffeine and sugars to keep body balance. But increase of caffeine content in the body causes anxiety and anger

At first both anxiety and anger are not considered as problematic. As the days pass without any proper treatment – it leads to burn out which magnifies the problem  leading to violence, isolation and remoteness both personally and professionally.


Lack of sleep is caused due to more stress. Doctors prescribe pills to reduce this problem but according to the Institute of Medical Sciences, 70% people suffering from sleeplessness avoid medicine which leads to other problems caused due to stress like faltering memory and poor performance. Latter stage of insomnia leads to depression and hopelessness.

Is there is any way to minimize chances of burnout? The answer is yes.

Few points should be kept in mind to avoid the burnout syndrome

  1. The dieticians suggest that proper intake of food which consists of all vitamins, minerals required by our body is the first step to a new healthy life style. Whole grains, lean meat, egg whites, milk products like whole milk, ghee and curd, leafy and root vegetables, fresh fruits have to be taken in our meals daily to maintain good health.
  2. Every one of us knows that an exercise is needed for our body. It is proved that a walk in fresh air along with a 10 minutes of proper meditation keeps our mind fresh throughout the day. This reduces stress and makes our brain function properly.
  3. Early to bed and early to raise concept has been erased from our dictionaries due to hectic schedules. So just maintain certain time daily to give some rest to our body; at least 6 to 8 hrs. Many people find it difficult to sleep for such a long period. But keep it in mind, mental relaxation can be mainly achieved by sleep.
  4. Many psychiatrists suggest having a hobby to get some distraction from our mental tensions. Research says most people find cooking and gardening as refreshing hobbies. Never consider watching movies or TV, reading, writing diaries or some letters, chitchat as distractions because it puts more pressure on your brain.
  5. Spend some time with your loved ones. This is very important because a holiday with our dearest ones puts our tensions at ease. If it’s not possible then just spend time with someone who helps you to release the stress.
  6. Avoid consumption of alcohol, tobacco as these two increase stress. Gambling also is the main cause of stress which should be avoided.

One important thing to keep it in mind- control the stress and never allow the stress to control you.

How to deal with burnout?

Two out of every ten people google this question. As said, due to our busy lives many professionals are suffering from burnout and out of them only some are successfully curing this disorder. There are some techniques suggested by psychiatrists.

Anger Therapy

There are many ways suggested by the doctors to deal with anger but the one most people feel helpful is letting out the anger. Suppressed anger leads to violence, so let it out. Some IT companies in USA have anger rooms where people can destroy the furniture inside the room by letting it out and this have given fruitful results.

Group Therapy

Taking individual counseling is difficult, that’s why doctors suggest group discussion where many people suffering from the same problem share their views. Sharing helps to release emotion which in turn makes our mind fresh.


A friend is needed to share our thoughts. They may not be from your work place. Socialize with your co-workers and share your views.


Take your time off from work and spend some time with yourself and then with your loved ones. Spending time with ourselves makes us to know more about us.

Relaxation Therapy

This consists of two stages one is good sleep which will be difficult for people with burnout disorder. The doctor’s suggested pills will help you to get sleep and slowly the power of the pills can be reduced.

The other one is relaxation treatment like body massage, bath using aromatic salts, listening to soft music etc.

Anti-addiction therapy

Self-positive-talk is the first step for this therapy. Then with the help of doctors and your well-wishers the therapy continues until you are free from addictions.

There are many spas which conduct anti-burnout programs which are very effective. Psychiatric centers also conduct campaigns for people suffering from burnout syndrome. Take some time off from your chores and get relieved from your problem.

In the end, physical and mental exhaustion can be minimized by following healthy life style. Though many of us know about it we just procrastinate which leads to the problem. Seeking help from others is useful if you are already suffering from burnout. Always remember prevention is better than cure.

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