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Recently, I was coaching a lady on relationship issues with in-laws. Thankfully, the problem was not huge - a part of it was all because of our expectations from others; and the other part was due to lack of communication between both ends. During the coaching conversation, the coachee herself was able to find solutions to her problems using a systematic approach of coaching i.e. identifying specific problem, understanding what we want, prioritizing our asks, focusing on moving forward rather than exploring past and above all FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPINESS, which in turn will make people around you happy.

This example is very much in sync with the theme of WHO - World Health Day 2017 - Depression: Let’s talk. I remember one of my uncles’ stating “When there is a mention, there is no tension.” Whenever we feel sad, disappointed, indecisive or irritable; we tend to be with ourselves. But if we decide to share our feelings’ baggage with someone, we feel pretty relaxed and if that discussion is with a coach, it will help you to find a direction, and feel motivated & positive. At times, we are in a fix with whom to talk to - parents, they might get judgmental; children/siblings, they might be occupied in their own life challenges; friends, what will they think of my problem! Amidst all the confusion, you might require a person who would not be judgmental and could see the situation as an “outsider” (with objectivity).

Everyone of us goes through wow and tough times. Let’s talk about how we feel, think and behave before it’s too late! Seek and get help, fast.

It could be just be as simple as that to deal with the problem!


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