Focus on what you are NOT doing …to achieve success

Author: Piyush Mahajan   |   Date: 21 Apr 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

We generally read and think of things that we should do. But have we ever focused on what we should not do in order to accomplish what we aim to achieve in our lives, to meet our life aspirations, or to have a successful relationship and thereby lead a life of our own desires?

Have you ever noticed yourself saying that I always work hard, give time and full dedication but “THEY” always get more than me? Have you ever wondered what special “THEY” have? Have you ever considered what “THEY” are doing differently or not doing?

Well, frankly, I have also felt the same at some point of time, which led me to do some self-talk. Here are those things that you may not be doing but “THEY” are doing-

  • You do not know what you want. If you are unhappy in the present situation, it means that you do not know what you want.

Solution: List out reasons why you are unhappy, and against each point write down what will make you happy. Then, set up bigger and incremental goals for yourself.

  • You do no prioritize. Do you really want to finish your pending tasks or go out with family over a weekend? Or would you rather cook a special dish for family at home itself?

Solution: Bigger challenge isn’t what you aim but what you are willing to give up in order to achieve your goals. Think what is more important for you in this moment and give up other lesser-important goals.

  • You are not focused on your goal. Even if we have decided what we are aiming at and prioritized our tasks, we are still not focused on what we are doing right now. We are surrounded by mind-distracting thoughts.

Solution: Remind yourself again and again of your goals. Keep your intentions fresh by reminding yourself of your decisions regularly.

  • You are not focused on process to achieve the goal. Now when you are clear on your goals, are you just focusing on achieving it rather than planning of ways how to achieve it? Obsessed over losing weight isn’t the key to getting healthier, you must work hard towards it with a plan.

Solution: Create a list of habits that you want to achieve or leave to lose weight. Now focus on small and progressive changes towards your bigger goal.

  • You are impatient. Success is not like trying to roll a boulder down a hill. It is a good idea to revisiting our goals but do not go back for less, wait for more and work on ways to achieve your target.

Solution: Trust yourself and your plan. Keep an attitude of gratitude while you wait to achieve your desires and see the miracles happening.

Talk to your coach for identifying your goals and plan to achieve them.



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