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Are you a working professional or home-maker? Do you get confused and stressed to lead a life of multiple responsibilities and desires? We all have been hearing about the challenges in achievement work-life balance and about some organisations that work diligently towards offering work-life balance to employees. But have we ever thought that our life already consists of work?


Let me share my example-

Being a working mother, I also used to think (rather overthink!) about work-life balance. But alas! nothing happened. Now being a life coach, I translated my thinking to ACTION, and things started transforming. I wrote down what are my life priorities and how do I want to achieve them? Is it just work and life that is the key or I want to have a life of my own dreams? I then realised that ’WORK’ IS NOT SOMETHING THAT WE DO APART FROM ‘LIFE’. And thereby I started believing that it is not work-life balance but work-life harmony or integration that is required. It is not the state of equilibrium that is important, instead seeking ‘a state of agreement with yourself by orderly and pleasing arrangement of different segments of life’.

It's all about working towards reaching a state of work-life harmony - be it work in one’s career, or related to family, community or self. I hereby share 4P framework that I followed myself to harmonise, which might help you to discover a way for yourself-

  1. ​Purpose - The first step towards achieving fulfilment in life is to define what is important for you, get clarity on purpose of your life and prioritise. This needs to be done from time to time.
  2. Passion - Perform everything you do with purpose, pride and positive attitude. Make conscious choices in all the spheres of life to align best with your true self.
  3. Present - Does it happen with you that although you are passionate about your work but you are thinking of what next or calculating that now I have spent x amount of time at work, now I need to spend y amount of time with family? We certainly need to plan for future, but act and be joyful in the ‘present’. Focus and enjoy your present moment to the fullest. Limit time wasting things in your schedule and manage your time well.
  4. Pursue contentment over happiness - Happiness depends on external circumstances - new car, high paying job, less body fat, travel more places and so on. It drives us to always seek for more however contentment says I am satisfied in whatever I do, I have and I am. So, choose the right thing at the right time for yourself. Seek satisfaction in whatever you do otherwise it might be time to restructure your life, may be its time to change a habit!

Lets not compete between different aspects of our own life and embrace 4P framework to harmonise ourselves.

Truly said by Marcus Aurelius ~ “He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the universe!”


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