I am a mother to God’s blessing

Author: Piyush Mahajan   |   Date: 14 May 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

Motherhood is messy, challenging, crazy, sleepless, chaotic and yet an unbelievably beautiful experience of giving!

Have you ever thought why God has made a cycle of 9 months for a baby to take birth? So that we can respect and adore a relationship of affection, compassion and commitment.

It is said that becoming a parent, especially a mother, is an overwhelming experience; one that is full of rewards as well as frustrations. For a woman, these mixed feelings begin much before the man, when she carries the baby gracefully in her womb, with anxiety in her mind but unconditional and never-ending love in her heart.

My experience with my baby also started in the same way, around three years back. I had my husband and my family around me who could feel the same feelings of love and enthusiasm. But, my feelings were too many and too much and too diverse to handle, sometimes. One day, I felt edgy and the other day, I felt relaxed. The dawning of the fact that a new life is springing inside me made me feel some unexplainable powerful emotions.

The day was Feb 20, 2014, before going to office, we went to Gynecologist for a follow up checkup. After the examination, she said your baby is healthy in 37th week, and we can do the delivery today itself. Me and my husband were surprisingly looking towards each other “We need time to make up our mind!” We requested a day’s time from doctor and came back. Can you beat that, I am at 37th week – just nearing my expected date of delivery – and we are not ready yet! Doesn’t this happen to us in our other incidences in life, even if we know something is imminent, we are not prepared for it! Let me take you little beyond-

From the day I got the news of my conceiving, I used to read about week-by-week baby growth and talk to near and dear ones about my curiosity. Thankfully, some of my friends advised me in my 7th month, that now you are about to reach the final day, thus instead of focusing on how is baby growing, which part is being developed when, start preparing yourself for the moments when little life will be in your hands – how will I take care, what things I need to arrange for our little bundle of joy. That moment, I realized that yes, although we have to live in present but if there are some foreseen instants, we must be ready for them in future. And there I started my preparation – mentally, emotionally and resourcefully, for the welcome of new addition to the family. This not only helped to take care of myself during the delivery but also in being prepared for the baby and its needs. I was all set to take care of him as he arrived on Feb 22, 2014.

Had these preps not been there, think of how much chaos would have been around me. It is rightly said “to be prepared, is half the victory”. One thing that remained conscious all throughout my experience of those nine months and the three years since my son has come into this world, is the feeling of joy. Yes, I feel the real joy of being a mom.

Being a mom has changed me for better. It has made me more responsible for another life and another person's happiness. It has made me more responsive to the feelings of everyone around me. Being a mother has made me selfless and more empathetic and yes I proudly say – “I am a mother to God’s blessing”!

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