Increase your wellness literacy and stay young longer in life!

Author: Alok Sood   |   Date: 24 May 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

Ignorance sometimes, is bliss, but more often than not, it is actually a deprivation. It is always a boon to be in the know of things than not, and the same applies when it comes to our physical fitness or overall wellness.

We have often seen people talking about and actually believing that working on physical fitness means compromising on “enjoyment’ in life, or that some people have the “tendency” to be over- / under-weight, or that the use of treadmill / jogging affect knees and joints negatively, and that the weight-training is not appropriate after the age of 50 or 60. In the first webinar on wellness, last month, we broke several of these common myths surrounding physical fitness.

And there are many more such myths that we tend to believe in and follow blindly, that are in “circulation” and new ones that are being “invented”, by the naysayers. Most of these myths are used as excuses by those who simply want to find a reason to continue with their lethargic and unhealthy lifestyle and stay away from making an effort to get fit or stay healthy! They do not just simply use these escape routes but are busy “inventing” new ones in their minds to keep their “business” going.

So how, as a more sensible person, one can break these barriers and move on? It is actually very simple to be able to do that – Increase your fitness literacy, or wellness literacy. Read more about the new research that keeps brining new ideas and ways of staying healthy longer in your life and increase the “young” years in your life!

When we focus on physical fitness and wellness, we stay younger for longer time in life, so it is not actually your old age but the young age that gets extended, contrary to what the misplaced belief sometimes makes us to go with!

The new research based findings have also proven that exercise works as medicine in many cases. To add to that nutrition (NOT dieting) is more important for weight loss contrary to the general belief. We can plan our food (diet) in such a way that just the right mix of what we eat works to build not just good health but also supports in building immunity and at the same time ensures weight loss (in case we are over-weight) or weight gain (if we are under-weight).

Remember, one can enjoy life to the fullest only when our body stands up to all the rigours of the modern day life, and one can rise up in the corporate ladder only when one is fit to take the strenuous work timings and hectic travel schedules that are a daily affair for the senior executives.

As one rises up the ladder and gets to the top levels, physical fitness is what carries the top executives higher and higher. Physically unfit will simply fall by the wayside!

In the upcoming webinar on 31st May, 2017, we will explore some of the new trends in physical fitness that are backed by new research and talk about the latest ways of keeping ourselves fit.

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