Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi…Maa

Author: Arti Singh   |   Date: 13 May 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

When it comes to your close relationships, it's more of the feeling and emotions than the words...
And I am trying to put it in words to express my feelings towards these beautiful emotions...

I call it as's not just a plain relationship.-..
A mother is the one who made every bit of us and also the every important difference in our lives...just as for a successful person and a “normal” human being... This same emotion is seen even in the animals. They also love their mother..and she does just about everything to see them grown up and get independent with all her love ……. there is a mutual feeling from both for each other.

These words of my mom are etched in my memory"you will realize the importance of a mother when you will become mother a  by yourself ". 

And yes, the equation had completely changed between as as I held my baby for the first time in my arms.. …I called her that day, and said "Thank You" ALL that she did for me..

That's why , it's more of a feeling and emotion for me, and I am sure for most of the people in the world..., whether they become a mother or a father at some stage. A far greater realization dawns on everyone!

We can buy everything….. including (arguably) some relationships..but not a mother..

When I think of my mother, my face brightens up, whatever the state I am in, I start accessing good and powerful state...just by thinking about her.

And I am the world for my is a blessing to be a mother...
And one thing I learnt from the dynamics of my relationship with my mother was to give yourself up for the children. And that realization came just from what my mother had said and I later realized how true it was. I am lucky that I can today declare that nobody admires me in this world in true sense but I have one admirer for the lifetime for sure. And it  is……………………………… my daughter..I am her role model...

As soon as you finish reading this. Just go, call your mother, and say THANK YOU.

Even you don’t know the reason..but this is the best you can do to her..and I am sure she will be very happy. Doesn’t she deserve that???

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