Maha Shivratri, a symbol of reconstruction, and renewal of Life !

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A picture is worth a thousand words. And as we celebrate the festival of MahaShivratri, the picture of the deity , Lord Shiva in his various forms, be it the  dancing Lord Nataraja or the Lord in his meditative posture and calm demeanour,…serves as  a great reminder for us to embrace the symbolic qualities of this festival ! The underlying essence is to foster the spirit of renewal and growth by encouraging pure and positive qualities and removing negative tendencies. Often people stay awake through the night reciting prayers and chants of “Om Namaha Shivaya“, songs, music and dance to absorb the positive vibrations and dissolve the darkness and all that has been limiting .. Indeed tremendous energy is required to burn the negative tendencies and to reach a state of constructive creativity. It is also said to assist in building clarity and oneness with one’s purpose and goals.

Come to think of it, these in reality, offer profound insights about the nature of human existence and enrich our understanding around what we try to achieve through Life Coaching as well.

Whether we want to focus better at work, study harder, concentrate better or just feel healthy and relaxed, unison between our mind, our body and our thoughts - our emotions and our feelings, is the key to achieving anything.  The oneness not only makes us more focused, but also calms our mind and helps us chalk out our end - goals more effectively. With a peaceful mind we can be a better and more effective thinker, pick up and register relevant information both from within and outside– allowing our minds to simply take us towards our own intuition which in turn can be the best compass guiding us towards making the right choices in life, be it about relationships, our careers or most importantly our health. Through Coaching Conversations and techniques too, a life coach essentially helps a client build clarity, access his / her intuition and release the blockages that may be keeping him / her from moving forward.

Be it only on this festival day, or still better if done year round, it does help when one is able to achieve such synchronicity in life, and create a state of inner peace and harmony.

A relaxed mind is also the one that helps release happy and calming hormones. So stay calm and simply smile away your sorrows and here’s wishing all a happy MahaShivratri !


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