Be the Pioneer of YOUR own Career : Unlock the benefits of CAREER COACHING

Author: Shantanu Dutta   |   Date: 02 Mar 2017   |   Comment: 5 Share:   |     |     |  

Most people suggest that today’s generation is the most privileged, they’ve got all the gadgets and gizmos that provide direct access to anything, anywhere, instantaneously!

But all of this does leave an unexpressed downside: the sky-rocketing expectations. Ever since the advent of prodigious institutions like the IITs and the IIMs, parents have invested all of their adult vigor and energy into providing the “greenest pasture” to their children in their pursuit of the aforesaid institutes in the hope of guaranteed success in their careers.

Parents have almost blindly followed the ‘appeal’ of these institutions. No denying the caliber and status these ‘institutions’ have attained, but pursuing this almost like sheep is not the best case scenario, and in some cases, it is even disastrous.

No sooner than a child is born, the IIT-ian tag falls right in place.

And that is the harsh truth of the ‘Indian Dream’. It’s not that engineering and medical are two streams in which no one has interest or passion in. What’s truly bizarre is the sheer imbalance and uneven distribution of Indians in streams of Arts, Sports and Research, the things which have shaped our country for years. So much for our nation’s legendary Diversity.

Even in some cases when a teenager has abundant passion to pursue a unique field and the appetite to take risks, her/his dream has to be crushed, brutally. Moreover, it is claimed, as a sort of consolation, that it’s for your own ‘good’. Laughable to say the least……..

What aggravates this shortcoming even further is the sordid reality that most of the parents & guardians pressurize and pester their youngsters into streams of their own personal liking or preference, with heavy reliance on societal response, and with no attention and/or respect given for the individuality of their offspring.

The one thing that might play the part of the all-important intervening force between these mass blindfold movements, is career coaching.

A child unquestionably requires an abundance of confidence in her/his heart to stand side by side their passions and choices, while some parents tend to suppress the road taken by their child.

Career coaching helps the child to discover and understand her/his inner ability and talent. Career coaches will support the young adolescent to determine and find out what are her/his weaknesses and strengths. Knowing ones’ potential is heavily critical requirement in this increasingly competitive world. Career coaching does just that, clearing the doubt clouds.

Career coaching boosts the morale of a student, being bottled-up by the multiple expectations, peer pressure by classmates and/or relatives which invariably results in low self-esteem and the resultant lower self-belief. One may feel inferior in walking towards the road lesser known and walked by. Choosing an odd career needs high self-confidence and risk-taking capability. A career coach supports you to be convinced yourself and then convince other key players; parents! It gets them to understand their own child’s potential, and also that the interest shown towards a certain career by the child is the best way ahead and that she/he can manage. Contacting a career coach without a doubt will benefit the children and youth plentifully in making the right decisions about their careers.

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