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“Yoga is not religion, not philosophy, but experience.”

Yoga is basically the oldest form of art that was introduced in India first and practiced by Yogis or saints all over the world who used to sacrifice by living apart from their house and family members to attain spiritualism. A modern life is hectic, busy, and stressful. Surveys and journals of yoga show that people who practice yoga reported experiencing increased strength, flexibility, mental clarity, lower body mass and risk of heart diseases. Approximately 36 million Americans practiced yoga in the year of 2016. All exercise schedules require taking out time from our busy schedules which is something many of us struggle to achieve. However, we can fit yoga into a busy schedule by expanding our personal definition of “yoga.” This means yoga is not restricting you to asanas only but understanding that it is more than that.

“Yoga is actually a lifestyle — not a workout. It’s the practice of making mindful choices that help us become our most evolved selves.”

Here are the few tips on how to fit Yoga in your busy and hectic schedule: -

Practice yoga in your breath

You don’t stop breathing, so there’s no reason why you should stop yoga. Conscious breathing can be done at any time and in any situation, and it will remind you of the sensation you’ve experienced when you were deep into a yoga pose or blissful in meditation, whether breathing-in love, or breathing-out pain. Many of us who are stressed and under a lot of pressure often stifle our breath. By doing this one can easily relax muscles and nervous system in order to remain active throughout the day.

Wrap your legs in Eagle-position

People usually find it difficult to perform eagle-wrapping pose in Garurasana, so just try to wrap your legs when sitting on the sofa and it also works if you slide slightly forward sitting at the table. One can also supervise the kid’s homework, read a book, check social media (if you must), or just relax while you wrap can be done by anyone even if one is busy.

Practice yoga in the shower

One can simply try to stand relaxed in Tadasana with your back to the shower rose. You can also turn your shoulder blades in and down, opening your chest, and feel the water cascading down from the back of your heart like a waterfall.

Again, fold into Uttanasana and let the water run over your sacral spine or face the water, letting the jets massage your heart space. It all feels great and relaxed and is a kind of yoga asana.

Trying out Yoga Apps to de-stress anytime and anywhere

If you want to ditch expensive yoga classes to practice yoga at home and stay fit, then Yoga app is what you need. These apps can be accessible within a reach of click and it has many advantages. Here is the list of top Yoga apps in 2017 that can be downloaded from playstore: -

  • Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio creates your own customized yoga classroom with following features and benefits

More than 65 readymade yoga classes available.

Full HD as well as smaller, easier to download video classrooms with teachers’ commentaries.

Extensive library of more than 1,700 yoga video clips.

  • Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga app has detailed visual instructions which will take you through each pose including how you should manage to breathe in the pose. Its features are: -

A collection of more than 190 poses of yoga images illustrating posture and alignment.

All yoga practices added by veteran yoga instructors.

Ability to monitor heart rate and calories.

  • 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga app helps you with fast, efficient, and purpose-oriented workouts as the name suggests which is basically for the beginners. Its features include: -

Brief explanation and demonstration images in the app so you can achieve proper posture.

Alarm clock with a timer attached so you keep on the track and guaranteed to complete your poses within five minutes.

  • 3D Yoga Anatomy

3D Yoga Anatomy is one of the most efficient and user-friendly app with features, such as: -

Choose yoga poses as per specific health conditions such as a backache, leg muscle strain or arm muscle or any other conditions.

Extensive variants of arm balances, backbends, inversions and much more.

360-degree display of all poses.

Other renowned and user-friendly Yoga apps include: -

  1. YOGAmazing
  2. Studio (All-in Yoga).
  3. DailyYoga
  4. Flying Therapeutics Acroyoga Beginners
  5. Salute the Desk
  6. Beautiful Belly Pre & Postnatal Yoga.

Try to take your yoga mat with you

If you are dedicated to your daily routine of Yoga practice roll out a yoga mat with you while at travel, as hotel floors are not comfortable for yoga practice so you cannot make any excuse of not practicing it. Try to wake up early before your hectic schedule kicked off and try to do in the open air like on the beach, amidst nature. I am sure this will give you more energy during rest of the day.

Try to practice light yoga poses: Doing yoga is not all about to practice complex asana and Mudras. Try to continue your routine by practicing some breathing exercises and Pranayam that will reduce your stress in no time. One can do free hand Surya Pranam which gives you an inner strength.

Set Goals + Make a Commitment

In order to reach goals, you must set them. Just think practically, like  when do you see yourself have a little extra time? What part of the day do you prefer to practice yoga? Make a commitment to yourself that you will reach these goals and perform yoga at any cost.

Try to be on yoga retreat

Make a practice to combine your tour program with your passion for yoga. Find out such location when you are traveling. A well-decided plan for yoga retreat will transform your journey into an exotic one and makes you consistent to perform yoga whatever may be the place and situation.

Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to the UN General Assembly, where he says:

“Yoga embodies the unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature. It is not about exercise but about the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and Nature.”

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