Productivity Hacks

Author: Tanuj Saxena   |   Date: 20 Mar 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

PRODUCTIVITY, isn’t a new term coined recently and it simply means how much extra output can be generated while keeping the input resources the same. It simply focuses on the efficiency and thereby on the optimization of utilization of resources. As we have moved from industrial economy to a knowledge based economy, it has become increasingly difficult to measure productivity of employees where input now isn’t physical or tangible but it is in terms of intelligence, which is intangible.

Now, therefore your productivity is dependent on your ‘smartness’, it’s time to get smart and use some hacks to deliver maximum results in minimal time. Here are some of my favorite hacks which have helped me improve my productivity in the last 5-6 years.

  1. My first hack is to treat big goals as a plain glass and smash it till the time it gets converted into smallest pieces of glass. This activity has 2 benefits; firstly, it immediately boosts my confidence that this is no longer a big goal J, secondly, I can easily identify what all small steps I have to take each day to reach my final destination.
  2. The second hack is to create, what I call a SMART TO DO LIST, which is derived from step 1. This is different from a regular To-Do-List and has only top 3-5 tasks which require my undivided attention and can’t be shifted to any other day. Short-listing of such tasks requires investment of first 10-15 mins of working hours, post which I strive to finish these tasks under all circumstances.
  3. My third hack is to respond to emails as soon as I read them to ensure I don’t waste time in re-reading  and comprehending the matter once again later on.
  4. Since my job requires frequent travel, the fourth hack is around my ‘Airplane Mode’ time which I use for creative visualization & day dreaming which fills my life with new energy and hope for better future.
  5. My fifth hack, Standardization, is inspired from some really successful people like Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs etc. who do the same things at the same time over and over again. Although I have implemented this for few tasks like breakfast, leaving the office at certain time to beat the traffic, selecting the week’s wardrobe in advance, I still believe this list can be made more exhaustive to save time for critical tasks.

Simply remember, improving productivity is all about adding few more minutes, or even better, hours. The ultimate objective is to deliver more, faster and yet better in quality, than what your colleagues or competitors would have delivered.

I hope you will find these tips useful and should be able to raise your level of performance.


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