Reconditioning your Mind for Eminence

Author: Snehal R. Singh   |   Date: 21 Mar 2017   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

Success as defined in a dictionary - the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

We all look for accomplishment in every sphere of our life. Our goals may be different, however,success is a common factor. When it is so essential why is it that we struggle every time?

I strongly believe that each living thing on this earth is born to succeed. Seeds grow into plants which then become trees and so on, every tree must have had its own story about how it grew and so do we... But we are supposed to grow, that’s how nature built us.

Have you ever thought why some people are successful in life and others live out their lives in failure? If you've ever wanted to be one of those people who live their dreams, the answer is at hand.

Did you know that there is a single ingredient that separates people who are successful in life from the people who are not? That component is how you utilise your personal power- the power that lies within you. People who use their power will live their dreams and make them come true. They are fearless in their drive and will take appropriate, immediate, decisive action and will never give up until they have realized their dreams.

On the other hand, people who lack this ability still have the same yearning and desires as everyone else yet they stay stuck and unfulfilled. They are unable to make their dreams come true. Their lives are an endless series of "what if" questions that they ask themselves. Success has never been so easy.

Many of them lead a powerless life. Or, to put it right - they give their power to others. How? Simple.Statements like - I have a Hitler-like boss, or I am tired of paying my credit card bills, loans just don’t get over, this job drains all the energy of me or friends and family members trying to hold me back. When we make such statements if we notice all are indicative of the control of the situation not being with the person. Another reason to lead a powerless life is many of them feel that the harnessing the power within is a dream which never comes true. However, if you can dream it- you can achieve it too.

Dreams are, in a way, a message your brain gives to you - saying you are capable of so much more. Its your mind telling you with to have a clear vision of what you can achieve.So yes, dreams do come true - but they aren’t miracles. You must work towards these using the most effective tool you possess - your power.

Years of research has proven that this is very much possible. There are uncountable books written about it.

But before I talk about the solution let me tell you when we talk about success it does not necessarily mean only earning more or getting richer. As I said earlier we all have our own dreams and goals. For some people, it may be relationships or dream job or dream vacation. No matter what your personal goals are I assure you these steps do work.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts: Be aware of what you think throughout the day. Your thoughts when repeated form your belief system which then leave foot prints on our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the one which creates our reality.

“Be careful of what you think, because your thoughts run your life.”- Proverbs 4:23


“A Person can rise up through the efforts of his own mind; or in the same manner, draw himself down, for each person is his own friend or enemy.” – Bhagwat Gita.


  • Remove and replace negative thoughts: The danger from the negative thoughts is that these multiply faster than the positive thoughts. Listen to your thoughts. Be awareof how you think. Every time you have a negative thought ask yourself how is it helping you achieve your goals. If it is not, then replace it with a positive one. For example – If you are looking for a job - “I don’t think there are good jobs available.” Replace it with – “There are more suitable jobs available”. Or, if you are looking for better relationships- “None of my relationship work out” should be replaced with – “All relationships I build are great.”

Take this step only after the step one.

  • Act:  Only thinking right isn’t going to help. Now that you are thinking right, take the first step towards change. Stop dwelling over the past and repeating statements like – “I have put so many efforts in the past, nothing happened.” And so on…. You have changed the way you think so the actions also need to change. Think of different and new ways to act. Implement your thoughts. There is a possibility that you feel overwhelmed and feel like giving up. It’s okay. Take a deep breath and let all those feelings go. And start again. Success isn’t easy but it is assured.

Getting rid of negativity is an important part to achieve your goals. It will help you live a more rewarding and fulfilling life you desire.

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