Retirement Communities and their privileges for senior citizens

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The period post-retirement can be very challenging for the elderly people. It is owing to the fact that they are often rendered incapable of taking proper care for themselves and have to rely on some other form of external help.

The concept of old age homes had been pretty evident prior to the onset of this decade. The concept of old age homes somehow remains infamous despite of the fact that they serve the basic needs of elderly people, especially those that are alone or deserted by virtue of situational crisis.

An insight into retirement communities

The concept of retirement communities was primarily introduced across the South Indian states which are home to the largest proportion of young migrants. These retirement communities are meant for the elderly people so that they are able to reap in the benefits of post retirement and lead a life similar to the one that they experienced back home.

This new decade has been witness to the inception of a new concept referred to as retirement communities. With mass migration of working individuals to the western countries, parents are often confined to a desolate existence which only becomes more challenging as time progresses. They are rendered with a number of challenges which can be both physical and emotional as well.

The retirement communities are meant to provide these parents with the bliss of post-retirement life. It is supposed to be filled with relaxation and proper care which is brought forth to them from the associated staff.

The retirement communities are not just merely relocated housing societies meant for the elderly, but it is also meant to provide these people with the requisite medical attention and help in cases of emergencies. All household chores and services are taken care of ensuring that the elderly people can relax and enjoy life like never before.

Most prominently it enables the elderly people to interact with people possessing a similar ideology and same age groups. Most retirement communities resemble, and have alumni of elderly people meant to share their experiences and make new relations of loving friends and companions. These retirement communities have been exceedingly common among people that have lost their spouses or even their children towards their older age.

Some premier retirement communities to look out for

  • Ashiana Housing: Ashiana Housing is a Delhi based retirement community which has been built to provide the elderly with the spring time of life. The retirement community takes care of basic household needs and also serves medical services to elderly people. Emergency health care and round the clock monitoring is also available for the elderly people.
  • Covai Property Centre: This is a Coimbatore based company which has retirement housing societies in Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Chennai and Bengaluru. It provides for an active lifestyle to the senior people while ensuring that they have the freedom and independence to lead a lifestyle which they want to experience.
  • Max Group: The “Antara Senior Living” project undertaken by Max Group is meant to provide the elderly people with luxury and super luxury options for post-retirement living across the hilly regions of the North. The Apartments are customizable as per the needs of the elderly such that they can enjoy the bliss of a healthy and luxurious lifestyle amidst a clean and blissful environment.

Challenges of living in retirement communities

The flip-side of the coin has a number of challenges associated with retirement community living. They are primarily as follows:

  • The retirement communities can be quite expensive at times depending upon the location and size of the house. It also depends upon the luxury quotient of the community.
  • The lack of young people around the area often converts the living standards into a lonely and monotonous one. The elderly run out of ideas and often lose track of a juvenile mind.
  • The lack of proper medical facilities has been noted in major retirement communities around Hyderabad. The medical needs are extensive and have been miscalculated on an extensive level.

Even though there are sets of extensive challenges along the way, the concept is expected to flourish as the infrastructure to support a coherent and satisfying lifestyle has taken shape in many communities.

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