Understanding and achieving all round Wellness

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With increasing awareness about well-being, we all aim largely to achieve the following and believe that that might be sufficient:

  1. Weight loss for maintaining a healthy weight
  2. General well being by ensuring absence of illness

However, that just is one element to ensure a healthy body. So what else is important to achieve that goal? What about the mind? And the Spirit or the Soul?

Research has thrown up extensive evidence that the bodily well being is ultimately controlled by our mental and spiritual state. Secretion of various body fluids & secretions is largely regulated by these. These fluids & secretions, in turn, help maintain the normal range of all the critical parameters of the body, like blood sugar, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc.

When we attain not just well-being, but WELLNESS, that is exactly what is achieved; a perfect balance and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. That is critical for being able to live your life to the fullest.

In order to understand that difference wholly, let us consider this: the difference between wellbeing and wellness is similar to that between weather & climate!!! The weather might be pleasant at a given point in time because of local factors like sudden rain in a surrounding area, and air pressure differences, etc., but, if the place is known for a hot climate, the discomforting heat is just round the corner.

Remember, in order to sort out a problem, there are these following steps:

  1. Identification (and acceptance) of a problem
  2. Research for an in depth understanding of the problem at hand
  3. Working out an ambitious and yet realistic game plan
  4. Initiating action and sticking to the plan until the goal is achieved

The first two elements drive the motivation that gets a person committed to achievement of the goal.

Gets you interested to know more and how to achieve a high level of WELLNESS? With the New Year round the corner, it’s time for enabling resolutions.

Be the one to commit to achieve a high level of wellness for a fulfilling life ahead! 


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