Achieving & Sustaining Wellness – 1: Your Body

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This is the first one in a series of 3 blogs, which are aimed at helping individuals to understand what wellness is, its three basic components, how to achieve a state of wellness; and then, not just maintaining but continuously improving upon the same.

Let us begin with understanding of what wellness is. Wellness is all about attaining good physical, mental and spiritual heath. It is achieved through maintaining a lifestyle that promotes healthy practices and attitudes. It is more than simply avoiding illness, and it is never a static state but a continuous endeavour to move towards the optimum level of wellness, which is never achieved 100% in absolute terms!!

Just as a case in point. A person, who has followed healthful lifestyle continuously for years but having a minor ailment (common cold, just as an example) at present, can actually have a much higher level of wellness than a person who apparently has no illness currently but has followed unhealthful lifestyle for long. While in the former case, the minor illness might just go in a day or two, in the latter case a chronic ailment, sometimes even debilitating or, in a worse case, fatal, might just be round the corner! Haven’t we heard of people having a massive cardiac arrest which proves fatal at a young age without much warning signs? That is not all that sudden as it might appear. It is a case where the underlying reasons were building up gradually over the years, when the person was simply oblivious of the healthful lifestyle practices, and was disregarding the warning signs in ignorance.

Why wellness?

One simple reason is that one would like to avoid any chronic ailment just given as an example above. But that is just an extreme case for bodily illness.

At a young age, wellness is important because it ensures academic and all round success simply because a person is in a state of bodily and mental wellness, and hence more productive. During the middle and late age all the effort made in earlier life come in handy when a person enjoys the high level of wellness by staying healthy and hence happier in life. A crucial reason to maintain high level of wellness at this age is also because a person is normally at or near the peak of one’s career at this stage and staying well ensures further progress due to the ability of the person to take more responsibilities and successfully bear the brunt of all that results from it.  

So what promotes the bodily wellness?

The important matters to be looked after include, nutrition (making sure that one consumes a well-balanced diet), follows an appropriate exercise regime, ensures sleep hygiene, prevents illness & injury, follows prescribed medication in case of minor (and major, if any) ailments, takes appropriate safety precautions, and makes the right healthful choices.

A well balanced food would include, for example, whole grains, lean proteins, fruits & vegetables, dairy products, and healthy fats. In addition, the food should be prepared using methods to retain the nutrition.

A healthy exercise regime would include knowing the needs of the body, and then planning, implementing and maintaining the appropriate exercises. Ideal sleep hygiene would include getting the right amount of sleep, setting & sticking to regular bed time and dealing with any sleep disorders or disruptions effectively.

These are just some advisable practices one is urged to follow in order to maintain a high level of bodily wellness. More on the mental and spiritual wellness in the following blogs…………

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