The Importance of PR in Life

Author: Alok Sood   |   Date: 08 Sep 2016   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

What is Psychosomatic Robustness? Or simply put, the PR? It is a person's ability to deal effectively with the challenges that everyday life throws at us. It is about a person's capability not just to display but also to maintain a state of mental well-being in tough & trying circumstances and demonstrate a positive behaviour when interacting in domestic, social or work environments. PR plays an important role in maintaining a state of high level of wellness, which ensures not just mental, but also physical and spiritual well being of the person.

In our cricket-crazy country, have not a majority of us heard about the mind games, that are played on and off the cricket field? That is a game played using the PR competence by the people who possess varying degree of it. Ravi Shastri, the former India all rounder, was believed to be “the biggest fluke in Indian cricket”, by many, at one time. True, he had lesser cricketing talent than many other gifted players of the likes of Parthsarthy Sharma (ever heard of him?) many of whom fell by the wayside despite significant talent, possibly because they did not possess a high degree of PR. Shastri, on the other hand, attained the stature of all time greats of Indian cricket, simply because of a high degree of PR that he possessed. And why did players like Saurav Ganguly, and M. S. Dhoni in the recent times, and M. A. K. Pataudi, become successful and well regarded captains of their times? Only because they had good teams? Wrong. They have had that necessary ingredient for a leadership role, i.e. PR; Ganguly and Pataudi, more particularly so. Sachin Tendulkar, despite being professionally brilliant and head & shoulders above Ganguly in that respect, was never considered ahead of Ganguly to be the captain of the Indian cricket team, even though he was senior in terms of his length of career. That is simply because he was not up to that level of leadership qualities and the PR as compared to Ganguly.

And what about Scholarly Genius? Or simply put, the SG? Do I need to even explain what that is? Especially in our country, where almost every person is so obsessed with it, and it’s real, and perceived benefits. So much so, that in the process, the parents, teachers, guides and mentors, and their protégés, almost brush aside the importance of PR in life. And the results can be pretty bad at best, and palpably disastrous, at their worst.

Kota, the home of mushrooming and highly successful coaching institutions in India, is the best example of the dichotomy this approach presents as a not-so-desirable consequence of it. There are countless children and youth who come out successful from that place after coaching and training they get for competitive exams. But, at the same time, there are far too many examples of those who even go to the extent of ending their lives, simply for underperforming in one exam, let alone even failing the exam. But even if someone fails the exam, is that a reason good enough to end her / his life!

Those resorting to these drastic steps might just be in a miniscule number in comparison to those who are succeeding, but it is still, a disturbingly large number. Can we afford the young lives to terminate just like that, for these inane reasons?

So where does the solution to this problem lie? It is in equipping your children in the most critical skills that enable one to deal with these everyday challenges. These are called the soft skills or more appropriately the life skills. Their sum total effect is what builds the PR in a person.  The most direct intervention for the promotion of PR is by enhancing the person's coping resources.

It probably explains why and how some school drop-outs or those who are less brilliant academically become very successful people in life. They have something beyond the SG, and that is PR!!!

How those resources can be built and worked upon and how a high level of PR inculcated in your child, or protégé is an exhaustive subject that I intend to compile in form of a self-learning module to be placed on CoachGrab website, in due course.

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