The Learning Perspective

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The LP presents an overview of how one moves through the experiences – both tough and smooth, and goes through learning in life. Right from our early days, life offers us the opportunities! The opportunities to learn new things, to experiment, and fail, but pick up the courage, and then try again; and finally succeed. It is our internal desire to learn that drives us through these learnings.

An infant is naturally gifted with the ability to explore and learn. The important elements of various learnings kick-off from gathering of knowledge right from the infanthood, when a child learns by observing and aping. The child is experiencing and acquiring knowledge through this, which is the basic of all learnings. It develops further with formal & informal education, experience, interactions and self-learning through reading and observations, etc.

But along with these learning opportunities, there are barriers to learning which are not natural but imposed by the upbringing we go through, coupled with our surroundings and how we react to those, with or without, or with little guidance, as the case may be. And most importantly what sort of beliefs we develop; positive & enabling, or negative & debilitating. We are not born with those barriers but they are imposed or self-imposed on us by various factors.

Knowledge, as we all know, is power, because it empowers a person with analytical thinking to make objective and enabling decisions. Knowledge is the seed for new ideas that break the barrier of dependence in life. When we become capable of generating new ideas, we start to think and / or do things on our own. The “basic learnings” of life up to this stage, are more or less provided to us by our guides and mentors, like our parents, elder siblings, teachers, friends, etc. in early life.

And when furthering knowledge coupled with ideas drive conviction, it prompts us to take action independently and breaks the second barrier of the comfort zone. We start to experiment and inevitably, there might be failures to begin with.

Beyond the barrier of comfort zone we go through the learnings that define our lives through failures and successes, and hence these learnings are termed as “life defining learnings”. These are learnt from making mistakes and a lot of heartburn & disappointments that result from failures.

This is where another very key element and possibly the most important barrier is encountered, the barrier of the fear of failure. If the first attempt fails, and the fear of failure sets in, then the person simply loves to be in the comfort zone. A negative learning and with it a negative belief have defined the life. In this case the affected person loses the opportunity to grow much further in life and as a person.

One needs courage to take failures in stride and move on from there with a positive frame of mind and having learnt from mistakes. This is the most important enabler, which breaks the barrier of the fear of failure. Those who break the ultimate barrier, of the fear of failure with courage, are the true champions in life, who taste the real success.

They are the ones who enjoy maximum amount of success as they continue to explore new opportunities endlessly and never stop making progress in life despite further failures that are a critical part of the life defining learnings, as we move on.


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