This is why we do not succeed

Author: Ashima Gupta   |   Date: 08 Dec 2016   |   Comment: 0 Share:   |     |     |  

Have you ever failed, perhaps more than once? Maybe at fitness or at personal growth or in career or something else. Why is it that despite all good intentions and plenty of seemingly hard work we fail?

It is so because we do not understand 'SUCCESS'. Success is doing the right things, Long Enough! You know it's ok to start things and maybe stop for a while or as long as it deems right. But what is not ok is to not get back, to not start again with the learning of previous failures or rather as I term it "Feedback from previous Actions which did not produce the Desired Results". This is what Long Enough means in Success! 

What is that one thing that you have been wanting to be successful at? Get back on it today, if you miss again, get back on it again. Do it Long Enough to Succeed.

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