- Piyush Mahajan

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About the Author: Piyush Mahajan

Piyush is a geospatial professional and a Toastmasters ... who believed no one is too old to follow her heart. She, therefore, pursued her passion and innate abilities to become a 'life coach' with great enthusiasm. She believes that words have the power to create a moment and also, destroy it. Therefore, she works with clients over the world to practice childhood adage 'think before you speak'. As communication is an art and has the ability to influence our official and personal relationships, Piyush empowers clients to strike the perfect tone of assertive communication in their lives. She has worked with professionals to use communication to strategically ease their way out with bosses and colleagues; parents to use communication to influence children; teenagers to help lessen the age gap and have a common thinking ground with the parents; husbands and wives to understand each-other better.

Key Strength : Fulfillment coaching, Parenting coaching, Transformational coaching