Physical Fitness New-Research based strategy for all ages

The new research based findings has proven that exercise works as medicine in many cases. To add to that nutrition (NOT dieting) is more important for weight loss contrary to the general belief. We can plan our food (diet) in such a way that just the right mix of what we eat works to build not just good health but also supports in building immunity and at the same time ensures weight loss (in case we are over-weight) or weight gain (if we are under-weight).

Remember, one can enjoy life to the fullest only when our body stands up to all the rigours of the modern day life, and one can rise up in the corporate ladder only when one is fit to take the strenuous work timings and hectic travel schedules that are a daily affair for the senior executives.

Webinar recording - Wellness 1: Busting Myths on Physical Fitness

Alok (speaker) featured in Times of India News Paper 

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Date: 2017-05-31
Time: 4:00 pm IST

Speaker profile

Alok is a Wellness & Relationship Coach. He is one of the mentors at CoachGrab and is aligned with its vision of touching the lives of individuals and empowering them.

Alok has over 32 years of corporate experience and has been mentoring and coaching in professional work environments for over 15 years. He has served in all aspects of mining business, with global experience, including at the CEO and Directorial levels.

He coaches individuals and groups to discover and benefit from the intensity of relationships. He believes in the potential of the youth, and his mission is to unearth and bolster it with the basic foundation of life - our relationships. He has done extensive work on Parenting and has developed a module which has been accepted for a copyright. He has also developed other self learning modules. His articles and blogs are thought-provoking that are espoused by innovatory ideas.