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Looking to enhance the quality of your life or to achieve the best version of yourself? Realize your full potential, and get the best from life!!!

To achieve more in life, one needs to set goals, and work out actionable plans to realize the cherished dreams. We are a team of internationally certified professional coaches across India, who also bring-in rich corporate experience, from right up to the top levels, and ready to support you in setting meaningful goals and to achieve those.


Your coach will work together with you to:

  • Improve your health and wellbeing – often ignored, but the very basic requirement that is critical for greater fulfilment in life,
  • Rise up in your career with a career plan built on your strengths or manage a smooth and effective career change that takes you to where you actually belong,
  • Overcome low self-esteem and improve the level of your self-confidence,
  • Achieve more business success with support in formulating action plans, driven by your own needs,
  • Improve your personal, social and work relationships for you to be more effective in your role for all round success in life,
  • Overcome parenting and adolescent issues you might be facing, and support in building healthy environment around you, and
  • Even find what might be missing or what will make you happy and is still hidden or unknown to you ......... and achieve that!

You have landed at the right platform. To get started, all you need to do is book a complimentary session with one of our coaches now...................................and off you go!


CoachGrab team is on a mission to SERVE and TOUCH lives of 100 crore people by the year 2030, with an end result of making our planet a happy place to live in.. 


Awareness -  We will leverage platforms (e.g. social media, print & electronic media, informative multimedia) to create mass awareness about the value that coaching brings to lives. 


Affordability - We will create most economical and quality coaching solutions for every category of people that will be effectively customized, interactive and user-friendly. 


Accessibility -  We will partner with leading certified Coaches & Trainers to expand our reach and also use the right mix of technology to create multiple touch points for clients to access their ideal coach, coaching solutions and other ancillary benefits even from their smart phones / handheld devices. 

  • Alok Sood

  • Omana Hirantara

  • Kamna Raj Agarwalla

  • Pratyush Singh

  • M.V. Ramana Rao

  • KS Sarma

Every individual is unique and needs a different coaching experience to meet one’s end objectives. In order to give every client a unique experience and make coaching solutions affordable for masses & accessible by users at almost every platform, we have developed a wide range of solutions ranging from self-learning modules to group / personalized coaching.

Self-Learning Modules – Best suited for clients who run a busy day and wish to get coached at their leisure i.e. reading before bed, listening while driving, or learning while traveling.

Group Coaching – Best suited for clients who want to learn from others’ perspective and love to arrive at their solutions in group discussions.

Personalized Coaching – Best suited for clients who want to have one to one discussion with coaches and work towards accomplishing their goals.

All children and their circumstances are unique; times change and with growing age the children evolve into adolescents and then become adults. The approach to parenting therefore has to be dynamic rather than being static or following just one style. 

Learn the concept of Dynamic Parenting © and master the art!

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The Ultimate Guide to living a life of Endless Possibilities
- by Success Coach Namita Sinha

It's so easy today to get bogged down by all the negativity and darkness that seems to engulf us, and one can almost pen a complete book out of all the bad stuff! Isn’t it? Good news doesn't often make the headlines. But it's out there. 

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Life Coaching on Retirement For around half of your life time, you were brisk, on work, travelling and earning your livelihood and proudly supporting your family. The children had their protection and security under the umbrella and roof you provided.

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Achieving & sustaining Wellness: With increasing awareness about well-being, we all aim largely to achieve the following and believe that, that might be sufficient:
1. Weight loss for maintaining a healthy weight
2. General well being by ensuring absence of illness

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Work Relationships; they shape and guide our careers. They can make or break it! And in order to maintain good work relationships how does a balance be worked out so that we do not cross the line and get too close beyond the boundaries of a professional relationship.

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Life skills, or the skills to navigate through life’s challenges, are critical for all children and youth to learn and develop as they grow up. Parents should take the primary responsibility to manage the empowerment process of their children with these skills.

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Wellness Coaching is just as critical to corporate teams as it is to individuals. Wellness is not just physical fitness but involves a great state of mind and soul too. Any person that achieves all three, would be a far more productive executive at work than someone with a lower level of wellness in any or all three areas of wellness.

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Take Charge of Yourself is aimed at any group chosen by the client for transforming young and seasoned leaders, and its ultimate aim is also to offer mentoring to a select few on a term basis to shape their life skills to enable them to take charge of situations. 

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Commit to Excellence is developed to help people learn the ways to program themselves to success as life is a treasure and we all are much more than what we know, we are far greater than we have ever dreamed of being.

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Unveil Women Power is a program designed not only for working women but also for housewives who like to have their own identity. It aims at polishing the soft skills and enabling the decision making an easy process. It also helps them find their goals and overcome challenges to achieve them. 

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Empowerment of Teachers program addresses the situation with India’s education system which is focused more on the academic performance rather than balancing it by equipping the children with the life skills. These skills are critical to successfully overcoming the challenges the life throws at all individuals.

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Relationship coaching helps to develop one of the most important building blocks of your wellness; your relationships. Whether it is personal, social or work environment, you need to make the most out of your relationships in life. Organizations are also increasingly realizing the importance of relationships beyond just the customer relationships.

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Parent Coaching in groups is a fast catching concept that is being appreciated especially by the educational institutes. Children perform better academically and generally in life when the educational institutes, their teachers and parents are at the same wavelength in finding innovative and supportive ways of bringing up the new generations.

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Success Coaching is an underlying requirement in building successful teams that deliver corporate goals more effectively in a measurable manner and bring about fundamental changes in the approach towards the achievement of goals. Teams armed and driven by delivering success in the increasingly competitive markets is a new reality.

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You really do have a choice when it comes to creating balance in your life, and you really can attain it. The little adjustments you do now will have a huge impact for your future. Don’t let another day pass without helping the most important person; YOU. 

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A workshop designed to change the way you think about wellness and rewrite your own wellness story through the practice of meditation

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Coaching for Women in Transition:- Suitable for women clients who are current and returning professionals and have worked at the mid to senior-level at companies of every shape and size, and also for those who are planning to enter the workforce for the very first time and have negligible to nil prior job experience

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Assertiveness coaching is an important skill for effective communication at professional and personal levels. If you have a genuine point to make but you struggle with ‘How to say it?’ factor to have influence over the person in front of you; you struggle to say ‘NO’; or you keep taking more responsibilities until they become unmanageable, then assertiveness coaching is for you.

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Conscious Parenting Coaching - Have you ever heard: he/ she is a born parent? No!. This is because a parent holds so many responsibilities and needs to have so many qualities that no person can magically be born with.

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Fulfillment Coaching: Are you an individual who has too many choices/options in their lives and who cannot figure out what is meant for you? Do you feel the need to devise a simple, sustainable yet flexible and gratifying lifestyle? The fulfillment coaching can help you identify your unique belief system and life influences, thereby creating your own vision for a fulfilling future.

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Wellness Coaching does not just address your being free of any disease but much wider areas that encompass many aspects of being healthy from many perspectives. Wellness is a state of the body, mind and your emotional & spiritual side. You do not just need to be physically healthy but should also feel at peace mentally and spiritually.

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Whether you are already retired or preparing for retirement, Retirement Coaches works with you to identify your own personal goals, prioritize them and helps you achieve them in a time bound manner

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Relationship coaching helps to develop one of the most important building blocks of your wellness; your relationships. Whether it is personal, social or work environment, you need to make the most out of your relationships in life. Organizations are also increasingly realizing the importance of relationships beyond just the customer relationships.

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Parent Coaching supports parents in polishing their parenting skills & that in turn naturally enables them in handling specific situations they might face in day-to-day parenting issues. This will enable a supportive approach in parenting rather than prescriptive to specific situations.

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Finance Coaching, not to be confused with Financial Planning, helps you to identify and clarify your long term goals and helps you to plan objectively to meet those goals.

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Executive Coaching provides support to the executives to get the best out of their capabilities by building on those and to conquer the shortcomings. Organizations and individuals go for executive coaching to develop capabilities of individuals and teams.

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Enhancing Personal & Leader Effectiveness program aims to benefit clients who aim to become more effective in their personal and professional environments by building on certain skills. It challenges the client to reveal what comes in between their dreams and their reality. 

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching supports you in understanding your own emotions and being in control of the same and at the same time to understand the emotions of others whom you deal with. It helps in developing and maintaining good relationships at work and home. It is an important component that is critical to team building.

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Career Coaching supports people to define specific goals in the career and achieve them through meticulous planning and its implementation. It optimizes one’s performance to achieve the very best that a person might be capable of. Change of career is also a very critical component that is covered under career coaching.

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Everyone desires success and everyone can achieve it. All it takes is to search for whatever is most appropriate for success, learn them and implement them. Success Coaching is equally suited and relevant to executives and entrepreneurs just as it is to any other individual.

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Discover your true self,  let go off self-imposed limits, align with the cosmos and create a  new you and enjoy a life full of joy and happiness and creativity.


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A customized "5 Stepping Stone" plan designed to help client achieve a fulfilling path in this world and attract abundance in life, which can be related to money, health, work life balance, overcoming fear, confidence or just living in the moment thus guiding you to live a life you have always dreamt of.

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What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a qualified professional (often an expert from a specific coaching domain) to support, encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals through a set of standard techniques that best suit you. A coach is a good, active listener, who  takes you through a series of conversations that will lead to better clarity and purpose. Your coach will "walk with you" in your journey towards achieving your ultimate goal(s). Your coach will celebrate your accomplishments, help you to discover overcoming challenges, identify your strengths & development needs, and enable you to move forward at a far greater pace than you might achieve on your own.

Who are the people who look for coaches?

People who look for coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, but what they all have in common is the desire to achieve more and become more in their personal or professional lives. Whether you're a college student looking to improve your performance or find the right career, or an aspiring Entrepreneur trying to make your product or services successful in the market or an executive who is battling with what next?, someone looking to loose weight and get fitter, or someone in a challenging relationship, or looking for fulfillment in life. You will benefit from having a coach by your side to support you to bring clarity and meaning to your life and turn your vision into reality.

Is a coach the same as a Consultant or a Therapist?

No. Coaching is not the same thing as consulting or therapy. A consultant is an expert in an area or a field who can assess what you have been doing so far and provide you a detailed plan on how to do it correctly. A therapist helps people overcome emotional or psychological disorders. A coach, on the other hand, is a qualified professional who simply supports normal, and healthy individuals to achieve greater success, happiness and well-being in their lives. The concept is just like that of sports coaches where the player is the one who does everything but achieves much greater success with someone who "steers" the strengths of the individual to overcome the shortcomings and challenges towards achievement of greater success. It simply helps to attain optimal success in life.

How do I decide which coach to choose?

At CoachGrab, we have a variety of coaches who are trained to help you in every aspect of your life. You can choose from any of life, leadership, emotional, relationship or any other specialist coach. It depends on your goals or the kind of problem you are facing. CoachGrab helps you to choose the right kind of a coach who wiii be the optimal resource for your success.

Rest Assured. Even if you pick a coach who is not the best one for our requirement, all our Mentor Coaches are thorough professionals who ensure that you will be referred to the right coach even after having started with someone else, if so required.

Our associate coaches are also empaneled after a thorough due diligence process to ensure that they also adhere to the consistent professional requirements in order to ensure the best of delivery, to our patrons.

Do I need to meet my coach in Person?

No. Unless you choose to do so. Coaching can be conducted through various modes such as over the phone or over the internet. If you have access to the internet, you can choose your preferred medium such as google+, skype, whatsapp, etc. through which you can interact with your coach.

What EXACTLY happens during a coaching session?

We recommend that you enroll for a complimentary session to begin with. It is tailored to every individual and driven by a potent conversation.

In an ongoing series of normal coaching process, each session will start with a recap on actions set, progress made, success achieved, and challenges faced during the previous week / session. The coach will then support you to set what do you want to achieve by end of the next session.

Your coach will then support you to explore where you are at that moment in relation to a particular goal that you are trying to achieve; what you have tried; what has worked and any obstacles you came across along the way. He/she then supports you to explore all the possible options in achieving that goal. Your coach will use a variety of techniques to really get those smart options from you. Lastly, the coach will help you to decide what actions you may want to set to be achieved before the next session. Your coach will also challenge you to get you out of your comfort zone to achieve optimised performance from you.

How long is each coaching session?

Individual coaching sessions take approximately between 45 and 75 minutes. These sessions are normally scheduled weekly, but fortnightly and other intervals can be tailored to meet specific needs and situations. Remember, our aim is to ensure that you achieve your goals.

How much does it cost?

Coaching costs depend on the package or the product you have chosen. Please take a look at the products section for more details. However, as a general idea, it can cost anywhere between INR 599 to INR 6999 per hour.

How long will I need to work with a coach?

It depends on where you are, where you want to go, and how quickly you want to get there. Some of our clients are able to achieve their goals in as little as two to three months. Most often, clients stay with a coach anywhere from six to twelve months. The coaching relationship continues as long as there is benefit to the client.

At CoachGrab, our goal is to reduce your dependency on the coach as soon as possible that demonstrates that you are becoming more resourceful and that you are learning to deal more effectively with new situations as they arise.

Where are CoachGrab clients based?

CoachGrab's current focus is on India and we will update you if we decide to explore other markets. However, inquiries are welcome from other countries. And yes, even complimentary sessions are undertaken at the start.

How can I measure success of my coaching investment?

We recommend our clients to define the success criteria with his/her coach in the beginning of an engagement. This will ensure that deliverables are clearly understood and effectively measured.

Generally, you can look at success criteria in 2 ways:

1. Goal driven External Indicators Earning a promotion, improved productivity, better relationships at work, better performance rating or better annual hike, better health, etc.

2. Internal Transformation/or indicators - Better self- awareness, less stress, mindset shift, & increased sense of fulfilment, and eventually becoming a better human being. 

We are delighted that you realize that you have untapped potential and wish to release it! We're even more delighted that you wish to discover this new you with the help of CoachGrab!
Please click here to provide your contact information so that we can respond to your query.
Looking forward to cementing a relationship most rewarding for you.


What is Life Coaching ?

A Life Coach is a qualified professional (often an expert from a specific coaching domain) to support, encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals through a set of standard techniques that best suit you. A coach is a good, active listener, who  takes you through a series of conversations that will lead to better clarity and purpose.

Your coach will walk with you in your journey towards achieving your ultimate goal(s) and celebrate your accomplishments, help you to discover overcoming challenges, identify your strengths and development needs, and enable you to move forward at a far greater pace than you might achieve on your own.

How does it work?

 1. Clients

www.coachgrab.com is a technology platform that enables you to find your  ideal coach. Our platform follows an effective approach to find the most  suitable coach for you from a network of professional coaches. It is based on a  smart coach assignment algorithm.

2 . Coaches

CoachGrab is a technology platform that enables coaches & trainers to get empanelled with CoachGrab after a thorough due diligence, connect with their clients through our platform for coaching them, and manage the relationship.

We have comprehensive associate model for certified coaches. To know more, please write to us at sam@coachgrab.com

Why Should I Sign up?

The reason you hire a coach or signup at CoachGrab is to ensure that you focus on the primary reason -you. We provide you high quality content through our newsletter, blogs and posts.

There may be assignments you have dealt with in a certain way but the same can be taken to the next level with enhanced results for you. Or there may be areas you don't deem important but these can become your greatest source of strength and enjoyment. When you make a commitment to join us, a whole world of benefits come to you. Coaching will give you an edge, and enable you to go from being good to being extraordinary.

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