Omana Hirantara

Hyderabad, Telangana

Success Coach and Heal Your Life Coach

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Omana is a Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, HYL Coach and HYL Teen Trainer. She is also an ICF approved Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. She is an entrepreneur, a parent, teacher and manager too.

Her passion is to facilitate learning through coaching, teaching and organizing. She has been supporting people learn, change and grow using the mind-body and mind-life connections for more than thirteen years now. Omana teaches people how to experience freedom through acceptance as well as create happiness and success in daily life.

A small change in perspective can release tremendous stress as well as empower a human being. This is her guiding principle. She designed a very comprehensive Success Potential Assessment to help individuals discover their current potential for success and how to increase it. Omana takes people through key qualities, attitudes and habits that are most important for being successful in life; and helps them discover what they can do to make success a daily phenomenon for themselves. She has been teaching and coaching children, young adults and adults to use this principle and make helpful shifts in life.

Key Strength : Success coaching - personal & professional.


  • Group Coaching
  • Personalized Coaching
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Group coaching is meant to support achievement of team goals. Business organizations and institutions opt for group coaching of their teams. Group coaching is also done in social environments where social and technology platforms (e.g. webinars) are used to coach groups from diverse backgrounds who come together only for the particular coaching session(s).