Take Charge of Yourself

Take Charge of Yourself

Take Charge of Yourself is aimed at any group chosen by the client for transforming young and seasoned leaders, and its ultimate aim is also to offer mentoring to a select few on a term basis to shape their life skills to enable them to take charge of situations. This approach ensures continuity and realization of the intended benefits. The decision to go for this is normally taken post the workshop either at company level or sometimes by the participants individually.

The continued mentoring helps to reveal the challenges they face and supports them to overcome the same using the same principles put across in the workshop. It also helps participants to set their life-time goals during the workshop.

The process followed with the approach is, in a sense, handholding the protégé for a few weeks, until he or she gets into the habit of applying the principles to work. It is an on-the-job training and side-by-side mentoring, because it is about becoming effective in what the protégé’s personal and professional life. 

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