Conscious Parenting Coaching

Have you ever heard: he/ she is a born parent? No!

This is because a parent holds so many responsibilities and needs to have so many qualities that no person can magically be born with.

It's like a managerial, leadership, supervision, operations, and marketing roles - all rolled into one! Then, how does a parent learn all these qualities? Yes, you heard it right... parenting is an art and a skill that needs to be learnt by talking to someone who can show you the right way and practicing.

These days, parents have a big concern over their ‘child not listening to them’ and that ‘the child wants to do whatever she/he feels good with’ in spite of lot of repetitions and reminders. Parenting need not be so troublesome and hectic. Believe me, parenting can be both fun and rewarding!

As every kid is unique, every parent-child relationship has their unique challenge that you can easily overcome by talking to a coach and creating parenting plans best suited to your family.

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