Enhancing Personal And Leader Effectiveness

Personal And Leader Effectiveness

Enhancing Personal & Leader Effectiveness program aims to benefit clients who aim to become more effective in their personal and professional environments by building on certain skills. It challenges the client to reveal what comes in between their dreams and their reality. It also then demonstrates to them how to resolve the same by applying certain simple principles. The client develops faith in those principles by recalling incidents, where these principles have been demonstrably adopted with success. The learning in the program is experiential, that is achieved by making them undergo simulated experiences.

A few clients, who approached initially for mentoring them in parenting, or other challenges have ended up enrolling for the longer term personalized program of effectiveness that does not just help them in their personal spheres but also in their professional environments. It engages them in finding ways to become more effective in everything they do by focusing more on what is the challenge at hand and how to overcome it rather than on how the challenge has arisen.

Price per session: ₹3000

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