Past Events

Coming TogetherEvent date: 2nd October 2016, 3:00 PM

CoachGrab announces the “Coming Together Initiative” for the Life Coaches in India. It is an initiative taken to brainstorm ideas amongst the coaches with the following objectives –

  • Supporting the coaches to achieve excellence in their areas of work
  • Generating ideas on expanding the reach of the coaching industry across India 
  • Discussion on ideas to make coaching affordable by use of technology platforms.

Coming together - Client Creation [ 2nd session]Event date: 16th October 2016, 7:00 PM IST

CoachGrab announces the “Coming Together Initiative” for the Life Coaches in India. In second session , we will deep dive into following below topic.

1. Client Creation Process [25 minutes]

2. Value of Technology in growing your coaching business [10 minutes]

3. How do you reply when people ask you about your profession ? [10 minutes]

[Those who choose to respond will have the opportunity to participate in discussion]

3. Feedback and inputs [10 minutes]


CoachGrab Team

Coming together - Client Astonishment [3rd session]Event date: 23rd October 2016, 8:00 PM IST

Format and topics of discussion

  1. We will explore few detailed strategies of Client Creation – Explore & Connect. Some of you asked us to get deeper into different aspect of client creation. [10 min]
  2. Client Astonishment – We will explore some of the unconventional ways to astonish our clients & learn how to generate our business through referrals [25 minutes]

Do you think you can astonish your clients when you don’t feel authentic yourself?

Do you surprise ever your clients ?

We will learn some of the key highlights from incredible books and see how it can relate with coaching industry.

      3. Perspective of coaching industry in Middle East by one of my lovely friend – Raja Jayabalan [10 minutes]

      4. We have invited couple of other coaches to share their perspective on coaching [10 minutes]

Coming together - How to create group Coaching Program ? [ 4th session]Event date: 6th November 2016, 7:00 PM IST

Format and topics of discussion

1st Part [20-25 minutes]

  1. How to create a relevant group Coaching Program? It will also include group coaching program for public as well as for corporates.
  2. How to leverage insight based selling to fill in your group coaching program?
  3. How to Price it & package it?

2nd Part [15-20 minutes]

  1. We have invited one of coach to share "How she is creating her group coaching Program?    

3rd Part [10 minutes]

  1. We have invited couple of inspiring coaches to share how they are leveraging technology platform to build and grow their respective coaching practices? Its going to interactive and in round table discussion format. 

Final Part [10-15 minutes]

1. We have Tanuj Saxena [Success Coach], who is going to talk about how Technology can enable coaches to create group coaching program.

Women Relaunching a Successful Career - 2nd InningsEvent date: 8th March 2017, 03:00 PM IST

Free Webinar : For Women, a second stint with the corporate world after a career break can be overwhelming. This webinar by Suneeta Lawrence will ensure your that your comeback is with a Bang !!!

Exceeding Your Expectations for SuccessEvent date: 15th March 2017, 03:00 PM IST

This Free webinar explains the way your mind works, how the environment around you influences you and helps create your own reality. And how this reality can be changed by you !!

Productivity HacksEvent date: 22nd March 2017, 03:00 PM IST

Need to get more efficient at work? Want to get more things done? These productivity hacks by Tanuj Saxena will keep you on track and help you get more done & make you an achiever in 2017

Reconditioning Mind for EminenceEvent date: 29th March 2017, 08:00 PM IST 10:30 Am EST

Are you tired of working harder & still not  achieving goals? Are you tired of struggling? Are you tired of not experiencing the success you want? If yes!!! Listen to Snehal R. Singh on steps to eliminate failure... permanently remove negative thinking and leading a successful life

You have the right to be happy!Event date: 5th April 2017, 08:00 PM IST

  • Struggling to reach your goal?
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Do you wish you had a help at this time to move ahead? 

If yes, then this Webinar will kickstart your journey towards your goal, again. 

Wellness part – 1: Busting myths on physical fitnessEvent date: 19th April 2017, 08:00 pm IST

Wellness : A critical aspect of our lives. How much and how well, we make the most of our lives is largely dependent on our wellness.
Knowing the facts will break these myths for you and will get you to focus on the essentials. That, in turn, will automatically get your efforts directed towards your goals effectively. That’s the sure way to achieve your target!!!

Video Busting myths on Physical Fitness 

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The Ultimate Blueprint to Mastering Effective Communication !!Event date: 26th April 2017, 4:00 pm

Your ability to communicate effectively accounts for 85% of your success in business and in personal life. No matter what you do, you are likely to spend much of your time communicating.

So, if you are ready to master the art of powerful communication and take your life to the next level, then this webinar is for you !

Blogs by Namita Sinha :
Power of Words
What the C-suite really needs
Life Coaching - A unique journey of Equals
Guilty or not Guilty

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Selling With Monster ZealEvent date: 12th April 2017, 08:00 PM IST

If you are on the hook to drive sales performance at your company or business, perfect the art of selling and become that ultimate sales professional with zeal to sell effectively.

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Work Life HarmonyEvent date: 10th May 2017, 4:00 pm IST

Be a maestro of your destiny, join us for a comprehensive, customised and result oriented tips and discussions around ‘Work-Life Harmony’ in just 50 minutes.

Date : 10th May 2017 | 4:00 pm IST

Physical Fitness: New Research based strategies for all agesEvent date: 31st May 2017, 4:00 pm IST

The new research based findings have also proven that exercise works as medicine in many cases. To add to that nutrition (NOT dieting) is more important for weight loss contrary to the general belief. We can plan our food (diet) in such a way that just the right mix of what we eat works to build not just good health but also supports in building immunity and at the same time ensures weight loss (in case we are over-weight) or weight gain (if we are under-weight).

Alok (speaker) featured in Times of India News Paper