Categories under which you will operate : Self-learning modules
Group coaching modules
Personalized coaching
I have products available under : Self-learning modules
Group coaching modules
Personalized coaching
Preferred mode of subscription : Annually (savings of 2000/- INR)
  • CoachGrab is not just a listing platform for coaches, but encourages coaches to develop user-friendly products in a timely manner with deadlines to meet. I hereby undertake that my 6-month complimentary subscription is subject to successfully developing minimum of one product either under Self-learning or Group coaching category within 90 days of my registration. In case I fail to deliver it within the said timelines, CoachGrab holds the right to delist my profile & products / service offerings from their platform.
  • CoachGrab is a paid platform where coaches will have to pay either an annual subscription of 10,000 INR or monthly subscription of 1000 INR to get empaneled. I have been offered a complimentary subscription for the limited period during which CoachGrab would be making reasonable investments to promote products developed by the mentor and empanelled coaches. Once the complimentary period is over, I undertake to pay the due subscription as agreed here, failing which, CoachGrab will become the sole lawful owner of my all Self-learning module(s) & Group coaching module(s) and can continue to market and use my products as per their discretion, and I will have no right or claim on the said product(s).
  • CoachGrab will hold the exclusive rights to market my products, across platforms, offered under Self-learning module for which a supplementary agreement will be executed before CoachGrab make their investments under various activities like designing, marketing, etc.
  • CoachGrab will collect revenue from sale of all my products & services listed on their platform and will pay me my share of revenue i.e. 70% of the net revenue by 7th of every subsequent month.
  • CoachGrab in no way is assuring me of revenue generation as it is completely dependent on the quality of my products, coaching skills / capabilities, and the users choices, etc.
  • CoachGrab holds the exclusive right to revise the subscription fees looking at the feasibility of their business model with proper notice of 30 days to all the empaneled coaches.
  • Submission of the coach details expressly means that I have read and understood the applicable terms and conditions, listed herein and on the website, elsewhere.